A downloadable game for Windows

Columns & Coffins is a Roguelike  coded by talk.pokitto.com community members for the Pokitto opensource game console*

(*Pokitto was kickstarted 1 month ago on Kickstarter, KS units shipping August. Pokitto Webshop opening soon! )


Pokitto is a tiny game console based on an ARM Cortex-M0+ core. It has 36 kB of RAM, 256 kB of program memory and runs at 48 Mhz.

It has 2 display modes (110x88 @ 16 colors) and (220 x 176 @ 4 colors)

Color palette for different modes is freely selectable, so Pokitto was ideal device for #CGAjam !!!

Thanks to the Pokitto Sim, the code that runs on the device can be run in Windows as well ! (Native Linux version will be added soon. You should be able to play this in Wine with no problems.)

To raise awareness about Pokitto, the community team Pokitteam is submitting this game to the CGAjam!


  • Adekto - code & art
  • vonBednar - art & concept
  • wuuff - code
  • trelemar - code
  • jonne - code

Special thanks for the permission for his music goes to:

Zach Bridier

... and all other Pokitto community members for pitching in with feedback and support!

Published Jun 14, 2017
StatusIn development
Authortalk.pokitto.com Community Team
Tags8-bit, Retro, Roguelike

Install instructions


Unpack ZIP file

Cursor keys & Z & C ( z is A button on Pokitto hardware, c is menu button)


Coffins.zip 3 MB

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